Dutch Combat International 2010. Grave, The Netherlands, 7-8 August 2010


I'm in the Netherlands for my sabbatical leave, so when I was told about this contest, I decided to go have a look. Two days after arriving! It was a two hour train ride to Nijmegen, and Jacco de Ridder gave me a ride to the contest site. A couple of stations on the way:


Actually, if you remember that movie "A Bridge Too Far", these names would be familiar... there was a huge battle in this area in 1944.

Albert Heijn is sort of the Seven Eleven of the Netherlands.

The contest site was the home of a local football (i.e. soccer) club - very nice grass, nice clubhouse with a porch area (nice, especially when it started raining). They set up a net in front of it to keep out flyaways. 25 pilots, including one from Australia!

A view of the pits area.

Some of the latest RTFs, with the bow-shaped carbon tube trailing edges.

Contest director Jacco de Ridder being interviewed by the Omroep Brabant TV crew. Omroep Brabant is a TV channel that covers the part of the Netherlands where the contest was located. Later in the evening, we watched the segment on the big screen TV in the clubhouse. On the second day, there was a steady stream of spectators, who said they had come because they had seen the segment on TV the day before.

The large contigent of Danes had an interesting solution to the pitbox problem. The "pit bandolier". The pouch in the back contains the starting battery. Modeled here by Henning Forbech, who thinks up and builds all sorts of interesting stuff.

What's inside the roll.

Henning Forbech tuning an engine. One drawback.. what to do with the glow clip?

Just about everyone was using dirt excluders like this.

One of these swing-weight shutoffs didn't. The plane started doing huge vertical loops until it hit the ground. Other than that they might not work, they're really convenient, attaching with just one bolt.

A "delay reservoir" used in conjunction with a shutoff. Keeps engine from dying when the plane loses line tension momentarily.

A Danish muffler retainer.

A home-made field iron. Note the thermometer!

The Danes brought these line length and pull test gauges. Guess what the mirror is for.

Fifth round, 8 left.

After the fifth round.

Bjarne Schou.

Steen Lysgaard (third place winner) salvages a control horn.

Monique Wakkerman. Loet didn't attend, he's started flying RC gliders and had a big meet elsewhere.

Fransesco Mons, from Spain, was the eventual winner.

Sushi the dog. Woof! Woof!

Igor Dementiev and Sven de Ridder at breakfast. The clubhouse was half restaurant, half sports bar.

They even had a ping pong table.

Streamers. These come from Tomas (yeah, he's still in business). Two euros each.. ouch!

Odeta Rastenyte from Lithuania. Yup, it rained. And rained. They flew some matches in the rain. But unlike back home there was no thunder and lightning.

In action vs. Fransesco Mons.

The cut.


Gordon Price puts the Cross of Saint Andrew on everything.

Even the props. (Good thing they're blue props.)

But not his car.

Bjarne Schou fixing his tailpipe.

Go Monni! Monica Frandsen beat Odeta to take the Junior champs.

Final score sheet:

Left before the prize ceremony, but here are the prizes. Yup, those do seem to be Kangaroos.


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Photos by Iskandar Taib